minge  TAGLINE

We created the tagline starting from the idea that being a junior football club, all its members need to resonate with it and believe in it. Therefore, ”Growing for a dream” is a strong statement that promises a bright future for the players and for the club as well.


minge  LOGO

For the logo we used two distinctive colors – white and red, adding overlapping circular elements. The simple yet modern design of the logo contributes to a memorable visual identity for the club.

minge  WEBSITE

Viitorul Arad needed an attractive and user-friendly website that would put emphasis on the teams’ activity. The solution – building a well-organized website that shows the club’s activity starting from the homepage. Easy to use, with an intuitive menu and a modern design, is now a successfully made website.


Our plan regarding the social media for Viitorul was to build an active and relevant community which appreciates football and encourages it even from the early ages. The strategy was based on informing the audience about the club’s activity, stimulating football related discussions and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

minge  MASCOT

Like any other respectable club, Viitorul needed to have a unique and easily recognizable mascot. That is how Tory the eagle was created. Tory is the team’s biggest supporter and the fans and players are very fond of him.

minge  POSTER

For the recruiting campaign we created a poster that was present in all the schools in Arad. Our goal was to have an attractive material that both youngsters and parents would be interested in.

minge  PROMO

In order to promote the club our team has made an inspirational video that states the club’s values and mission, in a friendly and attractive way.

Cine este Viitorul? Lăsăm filmulețul următor să vă spună!

Posted by Viitorul Arad on Monday, November 10, 2014

minge  EVENT

Viitorul Arad Gala was an important event for the club, both for its dimensions and for the purpose – which was to award the club’s football players for the results brought all over the year. Alongside famous football players that were invited to the event, there were many more surprises, such as freestyling moments, dance and let not forget the fireworks. All in all, the event had an incredible success, both in the way it was run and also from the media responses.

Vă mai amintiți petrecerea de sfârșit de an? Întreaga atmosferă a fost surprinsă de cameră iar acum ne putem bucura de amintiri frumoase!

Posted by Viitorul Arad on Thursday, January 8, 2015

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