Monte Banato is a Romanian pasta brand, active on the market since 1994. Vast amounts of products have been created under this label, starting with tortellini and ending with penne and snacks, all of these well received by our clients.


The challenge we had for the Monte Banato pitch was to stylize the logo and at the same time create a new packaging design for the entire spectrum of products. The brand needed a modern visual identity that could be easily recognized and a new packaging that could bring visual coherence, along with a catchy design.

The entire packaging is well adapted to new trends and it is set to enrich the customer experience with its simplified design and details such as windows through which the product can be seen, the Italian flag and symbols that differentiate the types of products from one another.

Grau Dur
Fara Ou
Cu Ou


We used symbols and colors to classify the range of pasta that Monte Banato is selling. Therefore we created unique packaging for every type of product, revitalizing and modernizing them while maintaining their individuality. The result is a fresh, modern design which strives to bring a new brand image and experience.

For the range of sauces we created brand new packaging which maintains its core characteristics while pleasantly surprising the customer with its innovative form and oozing quality.

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