MedLife is a medical system with over 18 years of experience in healthcare. It is renowned for the diversity and quality of the health services. MedLife has recently developed a new nutrition center in Arad and needed a name and a local promotional campaign.

The ”Healthy on the inside, beautiful on the outside” campaign started from the idea that nutrition begins by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which reflects on the outside. The graphics sustain the message by creatively presenting the human organs as vegetables and fruits.

medlife_icon2  FLYER

Promoting the new nutrition center, we have created flyers that were to be distributed to General Practice Doctors, beauty salons and to the persons visiting MedLife Genesys Clinic.

medlife_icon1  DISPLAY

To promote the new center, we have created a natural-size display that was to be placed at the entrance in the clinic, giving information about the new medical service provided by MedLife.

medlife_icon2 OUTDOOR

For a larger visibility regarding the new nutrition center, we have created an outdoor advertisement that could reach the potential customers and give information about the new medical services provided by MedLife.

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