A career dedicated landing page, a social media, promotional materials for the Career Fair in Timișoara and a project we are proud of: the Mahle magazine. All these actions, topped with organizing various activities for the MAHLE World Diversity Day in Romania.

We created a website exclusively for careers, dedicated to professionals that can apply directly on the site for any job they are interested in at MAHLE Romania: www.mahle-cariere.ro

Offline we created promotional content – flyers, banners and a presentation stand for every Career Fair taking place in Timișoara. We also created the print edition of MAHLE Magazine, an internal magazine containing news, useful information and company insights.

A strategy to promote the job opportunities was through Social Media, where we used the Facebook page to grow awareness and visibility for the company. We also implemented online interactions with prizes to boost engagement, which led to hundreds of participants.

Last but not least, we organized various activities and video documented the event of MAHLE Diversity Day in Romania, which is also celebrated worldwide.

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