For Casa Rusu, a brand with new offers and promotions every month, social media is the perfect communication playground. That’s why we took advantage of the features of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to promote the diverse brand initiatives in an interactive way through contests, info posts and engagements. And it worked! In just a year, the traffic on the Casa Rusu website doubled due to the social media activity and the number of fans followed the rapid growth rhythm.

At Casa Rusu, love is celebrated in traditional fashion, on Dragobete. And, to celebrate the legend that Dragobete was incarnated on February’s 24th day to spread love in the homes and souls of people, we wanted to do the same thing. How? We made an online contest through which we challenged lovers to share their love story with a photo, giving them the chance to win thematic prizes. The contest was a real success, given the large number of participants.

To mark the beginning of a new school year, we tested the knowledge of Casa Rusu’s fans through a playful competition. „ABC for your home” has challenged them to show how well they know Casa Rusu’s products through 10 simple questions. The results were extraordinary, this being one of the most popular contests, with over 400 participants and over 500 daily distributions.

Casa Rusu offers inspired designs for Romanian families, mixing tradition with modern trends. That’s why, during the Christmas season, we wanted to make sure that traditions and customs are held not only offline, but online too. The Winter Story contest challenged Casa Rusu fans to demonstrate how well they know Christmas traditions, thus celebrating Romanian customs in a contemporary way. During 25 days, over 1400 daily comments and almost 500 daily organic shares demonstrated that Casa Rusu fans truly cherish their Romanian roots.

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