Carturesti is a concept store chain, that takes active responsibility into the revitalization of both the artistic life and social space in Romania. Being opened in 2000, Carturesti has been since a promotor of reading and culture, offering quality services and products to all its customers.
Carturesti is one of the most successful brands in Romania and has managed to attract and create an active community of book lovers, thanks to its quality cultural products.


Carturesti is one of our long-term partners, for which we have created projects with a unique and contemporary design. Moreover, many of their projects have gained a distinctive identity with our help. Some of these projects are Verona Acoustic Session, Ograda and Carturesti Fair.


Street Delivery is an annual event dedicated to the public space. First organized in 2005, the event has known a great popularity, nowadays being hosted in 4 major cities in Romania. The event promotes a cleaner, friendlier urban space, filled with activities that bring the community together. In 2014, Street Delivery got a fresh visual identity and matching promotional materials thanks to our team.


Train Delivery is an event created by Street Delivery, which aims to bring to life a symbolic space from Bucharest – The North Train Station. The second edition of Train Delivery reunited people interested in arts, music, movies and trains. During a 3-days event, the participants had the chance to see movies, to take part in various discussions and attend concerts or exhibitions, all of these taking place in the Bucharest Northern Train Station.

Working on this project, the Hueman team has developed a modern visual identity and the materials needed to promote the event. Some of the materials can be found on

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